Accessories for every Garden Building
Accessories for every Garden Building


Accessories to fit all New and Existing Timber Buildings, including Sheds, Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Work shops, Potting Sheds, Man Caves, She Caves, Gyms, Hobby Rooms, Play Rooms, Home Offices, Store Rooms, Pub Sheds, Garden Rooms, and so much more!

Internally Clad  Roofs and Insulated Roofs

When a Roof has internal cladding this will often not be strong enough to fix through and it is recomended that the original roof deck is used to fix the window too. In order to get the collar through the cut hole of the cladding it will be nessacerry to remove the staples from one corner of the collar to enable it to collapse through the cut  hole. Remove any insullation material to allow easy access and room for the collar to sit neatly under the roof deck.

The Same is true when fitting to and externally Insulated roof, by cutting through the internal Deck and then the insulation and Ply wood on top of that, access can be gained to the insulation which needs to be "dug out" removed to a depth of 50mm all round, this is extremly messy, but as it will never be seen after final cladding this does not have to be neat.

Remove the staples in one corner of the collar to fit through the Hole and reassemble below the ply and contine as per the instructions.


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