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Frequently asked questions.

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Q: What is the minimum and maximum roof pitch the window can be fitted too?

A: The window can be fitted to any pitch from 2.5 to 45 Degrees.


Q: What is the minimum and maximum thickness of roof material the window can be fitted too?

A: The window is designed to fit on top of the felt and is supplied with 40mm bolts as standard to fit up to 15mm thick timber, it can also be supplied with 50mm bolts for timber up to 25mm.

Q: My roof is insulated, or Internally clad and very deep can it still be fitted?

A: The window can still be fitted, however as roof insulation depths vary you will need to source some additional materials. See our Insulated or Clad page


Q: My roof is ODB is this still suitable?

A: The window can be bolted through any material from ODB, chip board tongue and groove or planks.


Q: What about structural integrity?

A: The window is made from robust extruded aluminium and is securely bolted so there is no loss of structural integrity.


Q: Do I need any special tools or skills to fit one?

A: No special tools or skills are required and any competent DIY’er can install the window in less than 2

two hours.


Q: Do I have to climb on the outside of my roof to install?

A: No, you definitely do not need to climb on your roof, as the window can be entirely installed from the inside.


Q: Where is the best place to fit my window?

A: The window can be fitted anywhere on the roof as long as it does not cross a vertical joint in your felt line and obviously does not clash with an internal purlin. It is best to fit the window as near to the ridge line as possible, as this will allow maximum ventilation and light to penetrate.


Q: My felt runs horizontally?

A: It is perfectly acceptable to fit the window across horizontal felt lines.


Q: I have a new rubber roof and not felt, can it still fit?

A: The seal is designed for all types of covering and will work equally as well.


Q: Can I fit more than one window to my workshop?

A: The more the better due to the natural light source each window provides.


Q: How secure is the window?

A: The window is held closed by a standard casement opener and cannot be opened or tampered with from the outside .


Q: I am not sure I will be able to fit my own window?

A: Any of our dealers will be pleased to arrange fitting even if you did not buy the building from them and there are many tradesmen that can fit this for you by following the instructions provided when purchasing your window.


Q: Can I fit this window onto a felt shingled roof?

A: Yes, Please go to our felt shingles page where a basic sample roof is shown with shingles and instructions. (a piece of felt 1000mm x 1000mm per window is required, not supplied)


Q: Do you supply the sticky glue/sealant with the kit?

A: You do not need any sealant or glue to install this window as the seal is provided by an oil based compression gasket which ensures the integrity of the seal.




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