Accessories for every Garden Building
Accessories for every Garden Building


Accessories to fit all New and Existing Timber Buildings, including Sheds, Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Work shops, Potting Sheds, Man Caves, She Caves, Gyms, Hobby Rooms, Play Rooms, Home Offices, Store Rooms, Pub Sheds, Garden Rooms, and so much more!


Stop Mold and Damp with proper ventilation

The Activent air vent (V2)  is manufactured from Stainless steel.  It features a weather cowl and is fitted with louvered vents to ensure only air is drawn into the building, it also has the addition of a built-in insect screen which will prevent any unwanted guests. Sold In Pairs to Provide the best Solution for Condensation in Timber Garden Buildings.

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Activent passive ventilation (V2)

We all use our garden buildings for different reasons, from simple storage sheds to offices, gymnasium’s and hobby rooms.

Unfortunately, the build-up of condensation sometimes leading damp patches and mold or rust can ruin any items within them.

With today’s modern manufacturing, better quality roofing materials and even double glazing, Condensation is an even greater problem than before.  

It is therefore important to ensure you have good ventilation in a building, (even if it is insulated) to prevent damp stale air building up. This is not normally a problem in simple garden sheds which often have a little space around the door and sometimes a space near the roof level (more by accident than design), but even these gaps may not be enough to prevent moisture build up and condensation.

Good ventilation is important to every timber building all year round. In the summer the build-up of heat can make it impossible to even enter a building, along with presenting a danger to animals or items susceptible to heat damage. Then when the weather turns colder moisture can become a problem, as the buildings tend to be closed up for long periods of time allowing moisture within the timber structure itself to turn into mildew and other signs of damp.

A simple fridge or other heat source within the building can quickly turn moist air to condensation when the vapour hits a cold surface like a window or roof window, even the underside of the roof can become saturated with water droplets when the temperature outside is freezing.

Fitting passive ventilation to a building can greatly improve the air quality inside and prevent the build-up of moisture and condensation. It is recommended that any vents fitted are fitted in pairs where one is fitted lower in the side of the wall near the floor and a second fitted at gable height on the opposite side of the building, this will allow for the natural flow of air from the cool air drawn in at the bottom to warm moist air vented at the top.

Our air vent (V2) manufactured from Stainless steel has a weather cowl and is fitted with louvered vents to ensure only air is drawn into the building, it also features the addition of a built-in insect screen which will prevent any unwanted guests.

Fitting is simple. A 60mm hole is drilled and the vent clips in or if required two small fixings screws can be used.

Each vent provides a ventilation area of 2800mm² and is capable of providing up to 36m³ of fresh clean air.

Beautiful and Stylish
2 x V2 Stainless Steel Vents Sold In Pairs


We supply Pair of Stainless Steel Vents

Drill a 60mm Hole for the Neck to fit the into the building



Max External Size 150mm x 150mm 

Constructed using all Stainless Steel

Tried and tested, launched in 2017 with over 10,000 vent installations

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All Fixing Supplied



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