Accessories for every Garden Building
Accessories for every Garden Building


Accessories to fit all New and Existing Timber Buildings, including Sheds, Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Work shops, Potting Sheds, Man Caves, She Caves, Gyms, Hobby Rooms, Play Rooms, Home Offices, Store Rooms, Pub Sheds, Garden Rooms, and so much more!

Which Window or Skylight is right for You? Let us help guide you through the Options.

The First thing to establish is your Roof Deck Covering, is it Felt, Shingled, EPDM Rubber or Corrugated?

Shingles or EPDM Rubber Standard Felted Roof laid Virtically or Horizontaly

Is your roof covered with Felt or felt Shingles?

If your roof has felt, Shingles, or an EPDM Rubber Roof, then the Activent Standard range is for you. With a choice of Glass or Acrylic Glazing and Opening or Fixed.

Each Window has an identical basic construction and Sizes for installation.



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Corruline Onduline Profile 95/38

Is your Roof Covered with Corrugeted Sheets?

If your roof has corrugations, then check with your Building Supplier if the sheets are Onduline Classic Profile 95/38.

Our Onduline Window Skylight is supplied with a standard locking manual opener or  you can opt for a Solid Brass Screw Jack for when the windows are out of reach from the ground.

We can also Supply an temperature controlled Automatic Opener Option.

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