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Reviewer: Bruce H. (Shed Installer) from East Lothian   5 Stars
Very Good... and a better product than I expected! ★★★★★ The powder-coated aluminium unit is solid and heavy, and the the glazing is very rigid (I thought it was glass when I saw it, but apparently it's thick acrylic). The window unit is supplied pre-assembled in factory, and is well made. The wooden trims and and facings are pre-cut and pre-mitred for a neat finish inside, however this is somewhat spoiled by the bolts protruding down into the shed. I opted for the longer 50mm bolts just in case, however I'm now left with long ends that need to be cut, although I'll probably never get round to doing this! The skylight was straightforward enough to fit, but you need to be fairly precise when cutting the hole as the bolts are only about 10mm from the hole. You also need to make sure that your roofing felt doesn't flap about as you cut it, as you definitely wouldn't want it to get damaged. Basically the shed roof is sandwiched between the inner and outer parts of the skylight, so you need to make sure that the bolts are tightened down firmly and evenly. There is a sticky compression seal around the window that stops the rain getting in. I wasn't confident about how watertight this would be, however I've tested it with the garden hose and it works fine. All-in-all, I'm very pleased with the skylight and I'd buy it again. It took a couple of hours to fit, but I'm sure it won't take as long the next time.

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Mr. Steve Chaplin
May 19, 2017
Purchased two of these sky lights and fitted them to one side of the roof on our GEORG log cabin.On a sunny evening the sun streams in . Good quality and easy to install.
Angela Jordanou
Jan 19, 2017
Great addition to the 'extras' and certainly brightens up the cabin space - although still think the design needs tweaking as prone to leak, but would definitely recommend despite this.
john darmody
Oct 11, 2016
The skylight vents were fairly easy to install. They allowed more light into the cabin than I had expected and I am pleased with the result.
dave H
Sep 30, 2016
I bought this after I had ordered the cabin, it arrived quickly, the instructions were ok and i fitted it ok. lots of light and it looks good. Time will tell. No problems so far.




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Size: 40mm bolts for roof material up to 15mm thick Verified Purchase
This is an excellent product well worth the money
Size: 40mm bolts for roof material up to 15mm thick
Bought this for a shed we use as a 'lads pad' for my 2 young boys in the garden which was lacking light. I'm not technically minded so my Dad installed it in less than 2 cups of teas time! So much more light and the boys love it! 5* would definitely recommend. Fantastic value.

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